Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Exempt?

No Petitioner is exempt regardless of who they are all Petitioners are treated the same, no exceptions. All Petitioners are treated the same.

Who do I contact at Guarding the West Gate?

Pat Imbimbo, Chairman, Guarding the West Committee.
Email or Text is the best. • Cell 347-219-0373
The Grand Lodge of New York does not have your report results. Please contact Guarding the West Gate.

Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number?

A Background Check will not be processed without a complete Social Security Number. The Public Records Data Systems will return all records attributed to the same name entered with a Social Security Number to narrow the information stream, sometimes taking hours to sort the data to ensure the correct information is attributed to that Petitioner, therefore a Social Security Number is required to request a background review. In reference to your Social Security Number, if any discrepancies are discovered you will be contacted so that you may contact the Social Security Administration. On several occasions, during the course of completing a background check we have discovered identity fraud or misuse. If this is discovered Guarding the West Gate will provide all information discovered to you. We do not store Social Security Numbers, once your report is completed the Social Security Number is destroyed.

Why do I need to advise if I am male or female?

Guarding the West Gate is used by Masonic Entities for Men and Ladies. Many common names can be used by Men and Ladies, when the raw data is returned having knowledge of the gender speeds up the process and ensures that the correct data in attributed to you. There are names that can be attributed to Men and Ladies, knowledge of gender reduces the processing time.

Why do I need to advise my Race?

As in gender, many common names are used. Knowledge of your race assist in ensuring that the correct data is attributed to you.

Why do I need to provide full name and any nicknames legally used by me?

GTWG strives to provide the most accurate report possible and knowledge of your full name and nickname assist in assuring that we have the correct data attributed to you. This is important especially in the case of father and son with the same name, junior and senior. We have had several instances where a daughter was named after the father.

Why do you want my phone number and email?

In rare cases, names and dates of birth are similar and erroneous entries may be attributed to a Petitioner. If that occurs, we may have to contact the you for verification. Once the background review is completed, phone numbers and email addresses are not shared. The Background Review will be emailed to the email address the Petitioner provides. Reports are not mailed only distributed electronically. The report will be emailed by

How long does the background review take to be completed?

Under normal circumstances, it takes 5-7 business days. If you do not receive the report in 5-7 business days, please email the Tiler at Covid caused many delays as most government employees were working from home or remotely. Common names may take a little longer to sort through the returned information. Not providing complete and all required information will cause delays.

Why do I have to list dates, locations and charges of arrests and convictions?

This will assist in obtaining accurate information attributed to you. Having been arrested and convicted may not disqualify you from membership depending on the circumstance, deception and falsification will disqualify you.

How long is a GTWG Report valid?

GTWG Report is good for one year from the date of completion, except those reports requested during the pandemic which were extended to one year from the re-opening of lodges.

What do I do with the Guarding the West Gate Report?

Place your report in a sealed envelope and attach the report to your petition. You must voluntarily turn in the report to the lodge you are seeking membership. You will be contacted by a NorthStar Coach or a member of the assigned Investigation Committee.