The Guarding the West Gate Portal is for background reviews within the United States of America, for backgrounds outside the United State of America please contact the Tiler directly for additional information and discussion of fees. The fee for the background review is $16.00. All payments are processed and protected by PayPal. (

Background Review Fee: $16.00


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The information entered is true and accurate; I am requesting this service for the sole purpose of using the report generated by this service to assist in the filing of my Masonic Petition for Initiation and Advancement in a Masonic Lodge or Affiliated Masonic Entity.

I am requesting this service using my personal information and that I am the person requesting this service be performed.

I understand and hereby acknowledge that no promises or guarantees have been expressed orally or in writing relating to the outcome of this service. I understand that the information contained in any report may not be complete. The information is gathered from a variety of sources, public and private, and that The Grand Lodge of New York, Guarding the West Gate, and Pasquale Imbimbo, Private Detective, their agents and employees have no control over and are subject to human error, merger of data through computers, or common key entry errors. 

I understand that accuracy of the data and information gathered is limited to the information provided by me.

I understand, promise and guarantee that I have the legal authority to request this service and the results of the requested services will be used legally and securely. I understand that once Guarding the West Gate transmits the background review report to me, that I am responsible for the security of the report and associated information contained within.

I furthermore understand that once I file a Petition for Initiation and Advancement within a Masonic Lodge or Entity, that particular Masonic Lodge or Entity may communicate with Guarding the West Gate for confirmation.

I furthermore give my consent allowing Guarding the West Gate and its agents to provide the contents of my background review report and associated information to the Grand Lodge of New York or the Grand Lodge of which I am seeking membership and the Masonic Lodge or Entity if a discrepancy is discovered.

I hereby release, hold harmless, discharge and exonerate the agents, employees and representatives of Guarding the West Gate, Pasquale Imbimbo, Private Detective and the Grand Lodge of the State of New York and any other Grand Lodge from any and all liability, of every nature and kind, arising out of the Background Review furnished to me or to the lodge that I have voluntarily submitted my Petition and Background Review to for consideration for membership.
By my submission of this request for a background review, by providing my personal information and submitting a payment for the requested service, I acknowledge that I have read the forgoing document, and the documents on the Guarding the West Gate Portal and that I understand the contents contained within and voluntarily request a Background Review Report.

If I have any questions I will contact Guarding the West Gate at

Take Notice, Guarding the West Gate does not store any secure order information. The secure checkout is processed and protected by PayPal.